You are sick and tired of being the plain Jane and harbour the desire that whenever you go out men never fail to notice you and find it difficult to get their eyes off you. Nothing in this world comes just like that and you will have to work upon yourself. Follow these simple yet powerful tips to be on the road to becoming a diva.

Get that envious body
This is an absolute must because honestly there is only so much you can do about your face and the way you look. These are the days of cosmetic surgery which cost a bomb. A better idea would be to join a gym and tone up your body. Working out will also make you feel good as feeling good is the first step towards looking great.

Revamp your wardrobe
Take help of a stylist if you must but know that you have to be in sync with the times. So, if need be redo your wardrobe, get in all the clothes, shoes, bags and things that will make you look the tops. Half your job is done if you are dressed to kill.

Have that joie de vivre spirit around you
For this fall in love with yourself and let all the men around you think of you as a woman who knows herself and knows how to enjoy life. In all sincerity, if you manage to appear this way, you will appear more attractive to everyone and all men will want to know you.

Make them pine away for a piece of you
When in the company of others, make sure you are good company. The simple fact is that the more you are able to make some someone feel good about him the more he will want to be with you. Add a big dash of humor to that and there is no way that you won’t be able to get into any man’s heart.

Get to where all the action is
Now obviously you don’t want to be at home watching T.V in your ambition to be a man magnet. Enrol at all the right clubs and be sure to be seen at all the right social dos and parties. Because these are the places you will have all the opportunity to flaunt your charms.

Bolster their egos and grab their attention
Which man doesn’t love it when he is made to feel sexy, adorable, macho, and wow. So, go ahead and inject guys with all the ego boosters. This will make sure that they will gather around you and clamour for your attention.

Make sure your list of admirers keeps on growing
Now it is simplicity itself that if a man sees you surrounded by so many men he himself will want to find out what it is that makes you so special and he will himself join in your set of admirers.


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